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Culinary Creativity Unveiled: Fábio's Journey to Chefhood at Orange Eco Land

Updated: May 14

Embarking on a culinary journey is akin to exploring an art form, one that transcends mere sustenance to becoming a profound expression of creativity, meditation, and passion. This is the story of Fábio's evolution, from humble beginnings as a restaurant side job worker to finding alignment with values at Orange Eco Land, a journey colored by vibrant experiences and unwavering dedication to culinary artistry.

Passion for Creativity

The journey began with Fábio's genuine passion for creativity that extended beyond the culinary realm. Since 2005, he has been deeply involved in music and arts events, where creativity thrived and served as both core passion and profession. Yet, it was in the culinary world where his journey truly took flight, initially as side jobs in two restaurants, setting the stage for a transformative voyage.

Buffet Restaurant in Coimbra

In 2008, Fábio found himself immersed in the dynamic atmosphere of a buffet restaurant in Coimbra. Here, he learned the art of efficiency and precision, preparing 7-8 trays of food for every meal. This experience instilled a profound appreciation for organization and consistency, laying the foundation for culinary prowess.

Vegan Restaurant in Lisbon

The journey took an exciting turn as Fábio delved into the world of vegan cuisine at a restaurant in Lisbon. Here, he was exposed to innovative cooking techniques and participated in blind dinners, challenging preconceived notions and expanding his culinary horizons. As an assistant, he embraced the opportunity to experiment with fancy techniques, further fueling his passion for culinary creativity.

Cooking as Creativity and Active Meditation

For Fábio, cooking transcends the realm of mere sustenance, becoming a form of active meditation and creative expression. Whether at home or among friends, mixing ingredients and experimenting with flavors serves as a sanctuary, a space where joy and solace intertwine amidst the art of creation.

Alignment with Orange Eco Land

The serendipitous discovery of Orange Eco Land and their search for a chef proved to be a revelation for Fábio, resonating deeply with his values and aspirations. The project's emphasis on sustainability, creativity, and freedom resonated with him deeply. His focus on crafting nutritious, balanced, and colorful meals perfectly aligns with the ethos of Orange Eco Land, setting the stage for a harmonious partnership.

Motivation to Join Orange Eco Land

As the upcoming season at Orange Eco Land beckons, Fábio is motivated by the opportunity to unleash his creativity in the kitchen and contribute to a project that aligns so closely with his values. With a penchant for baking, roasting, and playing with vibrant colors, he eagerly anticipates bringing culinary creations to life in this inspiring environment.


The journey towards becoming a chef was a testament to the transformative power of passion, creativity, and alignment with one's values. From humble beginnings to the prospect of crafting culinary art at Orange Eco Land, each experience has shaped Fábio into the chef he is today. With an unwavering commitment to creativity, sustainability, and culinary excellence, he eagerly anticipates the next chapter of his culinary odyssey at Orange Eco Land.

Want to connect with Fábio and/or follow his creative pursuits? Check out his Link Tree here.


*We cordially invite you to join us on May 1, 2024 for the inauguration of our esteemed in-house chef, Fábio. We encourage you to visit our premises to acquaint yourself with the land, engage with members of our vibrant co-living space, and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty and tranquility of our natural surroundings. At Orange Eco Land, we are dedicated to nurturing not only your physical well-being but also your soul, and with Fábio at the helm of our culinary endeavors, we promise to tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your gastronomic desires. Reservations will be available soon!

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