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Eco houses glass geodesic dome interior design Jovan Eco Hause Portugal Algarve


An autonomous house with a modernist look is the basis of the idea of a free life. Eco houses in the form of geodesic dome or eco pod combine futuristic shapes powered by renewable resources to give you the independent life you are looking for.

Geodesic Dome benefits.

Wind & storm resistant

Air flow & ventilation

geodesic domes benefits wind resistant
geodesic domes benefits excellent ventilation

Ideal for exposed locations


Due to the aerodynamic shape, the wind is diverted on all sides via the domes which allows  the rain to flow away unhindered. The domes are weatherproof and defy all weather conditions.

Optimal air circulation


Due to the shape, the air inside can also circulate freely without building up in corners. This air circulation also ensures an even temperature distribution inside and thus also a comfortable climate for people and plants. Top windows and side windows allow for optimal ventilation in summer.


geodesic domes benefits extreme stability

Optimal stability


The framework construction optimally distributes occurring loads such as snow loads, over the entire structure and can thus deal with extreme loads.

Geodesic domes are extremely strong and stable.

Maximum Solar Gain & Light

Less material
less cost

Nature form 

geodesic domes benefits great solar exposure
geodesic domes benefits natural shape
geodesic domes benefits optimao material-volume ratio

Optimal incidence of light


The special design enables the optimal use of solar energy and sunlight. The arc of the sun's path corresponds to that of the dome which allows the sun's rays to hit the dome at a 90 ° angle at any time of the day.

Optimal material-volume ratio


The dome construction makes it possible to encompass the largest possible volume with the least amount of material and to create a free space without pillars. Compared to a building with a square base, the dome has 20% less surface with the same volume.

Natural shape


Due to their geometric rhythm, the domes fit perfectly into any environment and represent a visual highlight. The architecture of the Dome has partially transparent walls that make you feel like you are living in the middle of nature. The Dome does not have a foundation and its construction over the ground protects and harmonizes with nature and its surroundings


off-grid self sufficient geodesic domes natural connections

Self-sufficient House


All connections come from natural sources such as:

  • photovoltaics

  • solar panels

  • water wells

  • biological sewage treatment plants

  • reuse of water

  • natural air conditioning from the ground

  • house wind turbine

With new technologies it is now more possible to create an autonomous home than ever before. Details of installation solutions can be found on our blog.


The dome structure does not need a foundation. Indeed, it is necessary to build the dome above the ground. Such a solution perfectly harmonizes with nature. The construction site remains naturally intact. The most frequently chosen place to construct a dome is a forest which gives a natural atmosphere around the house. If there are trees at the construction site and there is not enough free space, the trees can be enclosed and some of them will be inside the house, providing that the size of the dome is about 16 m in diameter. There is also a natural way to keep the air always fresh and full of oxygen in plants.


There are many design solutions as well as roofing and insulation options. We test the best of them and make sure they are suitable for all weather conditions in the region. Only those that have proven themselves in terms of use and construction cost will be implemented. From experience, we know that it is impossible to focus on one solution. Several projects need to be implemented depending on the type of use. The whole secret is to carefully select the parameters of the entire project so that the Eco Hause can be autonomous. 

Eco Drop POD
Summer House

Eco Glass
House for living

The future is here - Eco Land.



Prepare your new life

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