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This question is asked by each of us many times, about many topics, and we do not always find the answer.

This time the answer is here

I need to do it

There are surely many answers and reasons we don't know yet. Certainly, each of us has their own reasons why it is worth improving or changing our lives. 

Here, we provide top reasons


Until recently, none of us thought about changing our life or place of residence due to a crisis. Now we have all experienced that such a situation is real. Whether there will be another crisis is no longer a question. The question is when? Will we be ready? How much will it affect us? The concept by Jovan Eco House will certainly allow you to go through the next crisis much more smoothly.


We have to be clear about it, no one is free! If you cannot do what you want with your free time and you have to do exactly the opposite, it means that you are not free. There are probably still places in the world where people are free, but where? Can we and do we want to move out to a completely strange place? Jovan Eco Hause concept and creation of Eco Land gives the advantage that we can do something completely new exclusively for ourselves.

Poisoning - disease - death

You are being quietly poisoned little by little every day! This is a fact! Read the material on our blog "Poisonous house" and "Poisoned Blood". The consequences of this process are severe disease and then death. I don't know if there is any reason why you would not want to change it. Buying bio food is a solution, but a small one. We need to completely change our habits to free ourselves from poisons. Living on Eco land in accordance with the concept of Jovan Eco House, will definitely change


Plan B

A tourist area will be created in the Eco Land area. The location of the Eco Land in Algavre, Portugal offers a wide range of investment opportunities and a good income. details in the tab - for Investment

Not everyone can and wants to make such a radical change in their life. However, it's always good to have a plan B in case the situation forces us to change. The purchase of a fully autonomous house away from cities and all production, in the vicinity of the ocean, is a good alternative. The house can also be used as a holiday home or for rent.

New place
Free time

Why not ? Many of us dream of living by the ocean and enjoying our free time. But reality always painfully destroys those dreams painfully. Now, thanks to the Jovan Eco Hause design, this is more possible than ever. If you work online, it doesn't matter where you are. Maybe you own a company that you can manage online through employees? If, however, you do not have such opportunities and you are wondering what you would live for if you lived by the ocean, read this tab - for Living

Natural Life

From living in concrete walls we have forgotten about our natural environment from which we come from? Our contact with nature is limited to walks and excursions. With more luck, some people have their own terrace, winter garden or garden. However, we still live in concrete. Besides, most of the materials that are currently used to build houses are more or less harmful. see the article on the "poisoned house" blog. Square space is also not a natural form for a human being. Maybe you have noticed that being in high-rise buildings and apartments with a lot of space, e.g. a sloping roof, etc., make you feel better. If you ever had the opportunity to be in a dome or sleep under a dome, the first thing that will surprise you is peace and lightness. There is no overwhelming effect. Moreover, as described in the Eco House tab, the dome is built exactly in the immediate vicinity of nature, which additionally contributes to achieving peace and relaxation. So, among all other reasons, the desire to return to nature in a new modernist twist should be the primary reason for our health, both physical and mental.

Humanity is only a temporary guest on earth, but the earth offers everything to make this visit happy and rest we are complicate with ourselves.

Eco House.



Prepare your new life

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