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More and more people are longing to live outside the "system." They want a haven where it's easy to maintain a lifestyle that nourishes both the self and the planet simultaneously. So do we.

Why are we here?

Each of us has our reasons for wanting to be a part of a sustainable co-living space and commit to a more holistic lifestyle. Below, we provide our top reasons.


Maybe you have never had to think about uprooting your life or place of residence due to a crisis (war, natural disaster, or political upheaval) but the truth is that it could happen at any time. If it does, would you be prepared? Knowing that there is a sustainable refuge on Eco Land where you can live alongside others who share similar values will give you enough peace of mind to help you safely navigate through any crisis.


An area in Eco Land has already been dedicated to hosting, nourishing, and entertaining eco-tourists looking to relax and feel closer to nature. The Eco Land's convenient location in the Algarve and proximity to the beach and airport, make it an ideal investment and income opportunity. More details can be found here.


Do you consider yourself a free human? If you answered yes, consider this, do you get to spend your time doing exactly what you love when you want? At Eco Land,  your freedom is boundless. If you want to collaborate with another landowner on a project, develop an income-generating service or tour, or just enjoy the peace of the land, you are free to do so. The Jovan Eco Hause concept provides a playground to explore your creativity.

Plan B

Not everyone is ready right now to make a radical change in their life. However, it's always good to have a backup plan just in case. The purchase of a fully autonomous house away from cities and manufacturing, in the vicinity of the ocean, is a good alternative. The house can also be used as a holiday home or as rental income.


There is no denying that there are toxins all around us that are contributing to our declining health as a population. Buying organic food is one solution, but a small often expensive, or unattainable one. Instead, we need to completely change our habits to limit the toxins we absorb. Living on Eco Land is one way to ensure your health and the health of your family remains a top priority.


Many of us dream of living by the ocean and enjoying our free time, but working and earning money always seems to get in the way. With the Jovan Eco Hause concept, however, you can have the best of both. That's because every resident of Eco Land has the opportunity to derive income from tourism activities such as bicycle rental, tours, events, selling products, etc. Learn more here. 

Natural Life

Modern society and architecture have further disconnected us from our true nature. Instead of considering ourselves as part of nature, we take excursions to be immersed in nature before returning to our concrete blocks once again. Some people might be lucky to have a terrace, winter garden, or yard, but then they return to their square homes with low ceilings where they spend most of the time. Square space is not exactly inspiring. Have you ever noticed that being in a lofty space, sloping roof, or domed building brings you sudden peace and lightness? This is not a coincidence. That's why our Eco House is domed,  built with natural materials, and is a part of nature, not separate from it thus promoting peace and relaxation to whoever enters.

Nature provides everything we need to make our time on Earth a happy one. Let's not complicate the exchange with our greed, discontentment, and ingratitude.

Eco House.



Let's co-create a more sustainable future

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