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Current Job Openings

We specialize in the construction of eco, self-sufficient geodesic homes and the implementation of ecological projects. We are currently working on implementing the Orange Eco Land project in the Algarve, Portugal, and we are looking for individuals to collaborate with us. 


We operate by an adopted philosophy, setting new standards for work and coexistence. Working with us has little in common with the general understanding of traditional work. We provide full support and assistance in embracing our philosophy. We expect creativity, independent action, decisiveness, professionalism in the performed role, and proficient communication in at least English and Portuguese, with Polish, German, and Spanish as optional but welcome languages.


General requirements for all offers:

Work can be carried out only in two cases:

  • The candidate can issue an invoice for their services or will become one of the landowners in the Orange Eco Land project - minimum entry contribution of 12,000 euros / 1000 m2 of land.

  • The candidate accepts the prevailing philosophy and will work and create by it - link.

  • Compensation is to be determined individually.

Project Management and Development - On-site work in the Algarve, Portugal


+ Defining project tasks and activities at every stage of the project

+ Real-time monitoring of all tasks and activities

+ Financial analysis

+ Creating and monitoring the budget


+ Monitoring the progress of legalization of the project  at each stage

+ Managing team involved in the project


Geodesic Dome Sales Representative for English-Speaking Customers - Remote Work Online


+ Monitoring the real estate market

+ Actively seeking potential buyers

+ Selling domes

+ Customer service



Permaculture Specialist/Manager - daily on-site work at Orange Eco Land, Portugal


+ Knowledge of plants growing in the Southern European climate

+ Portuguese and English language proficiency

+ Experience in permaculture



+ Daily work on the farm

+ Management of gardeners and helpers

+ Management of planting calendar

+ Monitoring of crop yields

+ Crowd farming

+ Close collaboration with a landscape architect

+ Work organization

+ Organization of necessary materials and machinery for task completion

+ Knowledge of irrigation systems is welcome


Permaculture gardener - part-time (negotiable) on-site work at Orange Eco Land, Portugal


+ Experience in permaculture

+ Portuguese, English, or German language proficiency is welcome



+ Work on the farm

+ Planting vegetation

+ Harvesting

+ Creation of a garden according to guidelines

+ Maintaining green spaces

Let's Work Together

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