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Are you ready ?

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Today's topic is about preparing to change my life and answering the question of whether I am ready for this change and living in Eco Land ?

You're not ready! For living in Jovan Eco Land you need to be well prepared and think about a few things here is a check list

1. What do I really want to do in my life?

You have to answer this question carefully because life in eco land is not devoid of work and you will work for yourself, so it's best to do what you love. thanks to your skills and commitment, you will be able to easily earn a living income.

For example: you like to ride a bike - you can organise bike tours around the area for which tourists will pay. you like to cook - you can cook delicious meals in the canteen in Eco Land organise cooking courses as an attraction. If you can made something you can sell your products outside Eco Land for example using our online Eco Hause Shop. etc.. everyone will find something for himself

2. Prepare and close your affairs where you are living now. Depending on what option are you chose to living in Eco Land, you have to think about steps:

  • do you have the money to start and the device before you start earning? Good idea is chosen the option for investment then you already have some income from Jovan Eco Land. This solution gives you peace of mind and you do not have to throw yourself completely into unknown „waters”

  • what will I do with the current apartment

  • do you live with your family? decide whether you will all leave at once or in stages

  • How will you end your current employment relationship? if you have a company, who will run it? Maybe you need to have a manager

3. What to do with the things and how will you transport them?

Since you are starting a new ecological life, you do not need any furniture made of poisonous materials. You can selling or giving for somebody, this take w time The rest of the things like clothes etc. can be easily packed and taken away.

4. What I need to know and be able to do

Here I refer you to the blog entry"Prepare to living off gird ''

5. Foods

change your eating habits and start looking for alternatives to ready-made food. Find recipes for quick tasty dishes just the way you like them. You can also start making your own preserves now. Use your time while you are still on-gird to learn

6. Contact us

to arrange specific details, say as you idea. Mostly, we can help you with all problems and questions.

7. Is it a good idea to try, If is this life for me?

You can do it. The residential part of eco land will be ready one year after the implementation of the tourism project. You can rent a house for a while and look around. Consider it as a vacation. Then you can decide.

You are need 6-12 months for preparation. Also note that the first opportunity to living in Eco Land will be in 2023 year.

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