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Orange Eco Land - The Income Earning Possibilities Are Endless

Updated: May 14

One of the key concepts of Orange Eco Land is that all residents and investors can generate income** from the fruitful land. In this blog post, we will offer some ideas that will hopefully spark some inspiration for you.

If you’ve always dreamed of starting your own eco-friendly business, working for yourself, and generating income from an activity you love doing, now is your chance! 

If you have other ideas that aren’t listed below - we’d love to hear them. We are open and excited to help you realize your dreams. 

1/ Oranges, Our orange trees produce about 20-30 tons per year. That’s a LOT of oranges and orange potential. Here are a few things you could produce and sell at nearby markets:



Natural Cleaning Products

Essential Oils


2/ Pomegranates. Our pomegranate trees produce around 300 kg per season. 




3/ Carob. Our carob trees produce around 400+ kg per season. 





4/ Herbs like Wild Lavender. We have an endless amount:)

Essential Oils




Natural Medicines

5/ Natural Wood like eucalyptus

Essential Oils

Dried Leaves for Natural Potpourri


6/ Products made from wood We can obtain high-quality wood from a local sawmill for a cheap price. If you are good at woodworking, you can create products with this wood and then sell them locally or globally.



Games like chess or backgammon







Outdoor Furniture

7/ Products with the Orange Eco Land logo. Not keen on fussing with your own branding, bureaucracy, and marketing? Feel free to use our Orange Eco Land logo on your products and get started selling right away. 

Scented sachets with dried ingredients

Books with culinary recipes

Wooden products

8/ Services. Are you a massage therapist? Bodyworker? Yoga instructor? Hiking enthusiast? Make money from your skills!

Wellness retreats

Yoga sessions

Massage therapy



Hiking tours

Bike tours

Bike rentals

Local food tours


Events like weddings, anniversary parties, birthdays, team building, 

One of the many benefits of becoming a landowner or investor is that you are free to use the land’s infrastructure for free. At the moment, we have an open kitchen with two kitchen workstations, toilets, hot showers, an herbal garden, a camping area, and a yoga area. You can also use the Orange Eco Land logo for free as long as you sign a licensing agreement. In addition, Orange Eco Land has its own marketing department which means you can benefit from our social network and SEO if you choose to sell products under our name. In the future, we will also have an online selling platform in which you can sell your products. Lastly, we provide full-service rental process, including check-in and cleaning should you decide to take advantage of the eco-tourism potential.

**Any income earned from the land is subject to a small fee which will then go back into running and operating Orange Eco Land. For example, if you decide to sell products made from the land, 15% will go to Orange Eco Land and 85% will go to you. Percentages are subject to change as operating costs shift.

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