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Poison blood - Summary

You are being poisoned silently every day, step by step. Unfortunately, this is a deliberate action on a global scale.

I invite you to read all parts of this topic, at the end you will get the exact prescription how to check if it is all true and check how poisoned you are. Everything you read here is a pure proven fact for which you will receive the evidence in the content

I will now describe each of these ingredients to make it clear what it is and where it comes from.

The norm for these chemicals is "0".

None of these compounds should be in the blood at all!

Tolerable - means that some organism can handle it

Borderline - means that the body cannot handle with more

High - means poisoning the body, which in turn leads to the disease

Very high - means serious ! poisoning of the body, which in turn leads to the disease

If I had drunk all this cocktail at once, I would most likely have died


After this dose of news it became clear that each of us is poisoned as I wrote at the beginning. I did my research on what I eat and how and where I work. The delivered small daily doses poison the body gradually.

If I continue this way of life, I can expect:


liver problems

digestive problems in connection with the pesticide - unfortunately I already have

bone problems

obesity - I already have

kidney problems

hormonal problems - the thyroid gland


maybe cancer of one of the organs

If I do not change my lifestyle I can do nothing. Drinking teas and trying nutritional changes will do nothing because these hops are everywhere. Even in bio food (although it is too expensive) there are chemicals.

It will take years to read the labels and find the right thing to buy

For example, in some countries it is difficult to find ordinary water in a glass container. while beer is even cheaper than water because it contains pesticides …

there is no chance of a change without changing your lifestyle.

That's why I recommend you move to Jovan Eco land and start a new life.

How can you find out if you are poisoned too?

My research was done for my job and what I eat and what we all use.

  1. consider what chemicals have surrounded you at work for years. you need to update the most often. check the labels of material suppliers, read what they are made of, group them by category

  2. as a general part of chemicals you can take what I accept, it applies to all of us.

  3. blood tests are performed by IGL Labor GmbH, go to their website and write a request for an order form for a blood test for chemical. Print and fill out the form

  4. make an on-line order, various options are available, choose an individual blood chemistry test according to 24 or 48 indicated substances.

  5. print the order

  6. make an appointment with a family doctor, he must take blood and sign the order to

  7. send blood samples by express to the laboratory

  8. if you live outside of Germany, you must pay by credit card, if you live in Germany you will get a home bill

  9. The result will be sent to your doctor by email within 5 days, please ask him to send it to you by email

  10. You can make the diagnosis yourself or go to a toxicologist doctor

What can I do ?

What you can do now is wait for the first symptoms of the disease and become an excellent client of the health care system or immediately start changing your life and trying to cleanse your body before it becomes a disease.

how to cleanse the body ? Coming soon

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