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Revealing the Hidden Dangers SUMMARY: Insights from a Blood Test

Updated: Apr 1

Every day, subtle exposures to various substances occur without our awareness. Unfortunately, this is a widespread phenomenon happening globally.

I invite you to explore each aspect of this topic with me. By the end, you'll gain practical insights into verifying the information and understanding your own exposure levels. Rest assured, all information provided here is based on credible facts, with evidence available within the content.

Let's begin by examining each ingredient carefully to understand its origin and significance.

The norm for these chemicals is "0". None of these compounds should be in the blood at all!

Tolerable - This level indicates that certain organisms can manage the substance without adverse effects.

Borderline - At this point, the body's capacity to handle the substance is nearing its limit.

High  - This level signifies a significant degree of poisoning in the body, potentially leading to illness.

Very high - At this stage, there's a critical level of poisoning in the body, greatly increasing the risk of disease.


After receiving this news, it became evident that each of us is facing some level of poisoning, as I initially stated. I conducted research on my dietary habits, work environment, and lifestyle. It's apparent that the small doses of toxins we encounter daily gradually harm our bodies.

If I continue living this way, I may face:

  • Parkinson's disease

  • Liver issues

  • Digestive problems linked to pesticides, which unfortunately I already experience

  • Bone complications

  • Obesity, which I already struggle with

  • Kidney complications

  • Hormonal imbalances, particularly concerning the thyroid gland

  • Alzheimer's disease

  • Possibly cancer affecting one of my organs

Without changing my lifestyle, there's little I can do. Simply drinking teas and attempting dietary adjustments won't suffice, as these toxins are pervasive. Even organic foods, albeit costly, may contain chemicals.

For instance, in certain countries, finding plain water in a glass container can be challenging. Meanwhile, beer, which contains pesticides, is sometimes cheaper than water. Without altering one's lifestyle, there's little hope for change.

How can you find out if you are poisoned too?

  • Consider the chemicals you've been around at work over the years. Regularly update your knowledge on these chemicals. Check the labels of materials supplied to you and group them by category.

  • As a general guideline, consider the chemicals commonly encountered by most people.

  • For blood tests, contact IGL Labor GmbH and request an order form for a chemical blood test from their website. Print and fill out the form.

  • Place an online order, choosing from various options for individual blood chemistry tests covering 24 or 48 indicated substances.

  • Print the order form and schedule an appointment with your family doctor. Your doctor will need to take your blood sample and sign the order form.

  • Send the blood samples via express delivery to the laboratory.

  • If you reside outside Germany, payment must be made by credit card. Residents in Germany will receive a bill at home.

  • The results will be emailed to your doctor within 5 days. Ask your doctor to forward the results to you via email.

  • You can interpret the diagnosis yourself or seek assistance from a toxicologist.

What can you do ?

What you can do now is wait for the first symptoms of the disease and become a frequent visitor to the healthcare system, OR you can take proactive steps to change your lifestyle and detoxify your body before illness sets in. That's why I suggest considering moving to Orange Eco Land and embarking on a new life.

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