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Grand Opening of Orange Eco Land in Portugal: A Remarkable Day of Celebration

Updated: Apr 3

"It is a beautiful place, like a fairy tale, it's hard to believe that we are in Portugal”.

During our meeting, the guests expressed such sentiments, filling the air with a delightful atmosphere of joy and peace. As depicted in the photos, children of various ages were present, some of whom seemed reluctant to bid farewell to Orange Eco Land—a fact that brings us immense happiness.

At the outset, we kicked off with our inaugural sports activity.

During a tour of the land, we passed by our river...

After such a long day, it's essential to indulge in some delicious local cuisine. We dined at the fish restaurant Barrigada in Lagos.

We could say that this is precisely how we envision life in this place in the future. However, that wasn't the end of the adventure. The following day, we embarked on an Ocean Kayak Tour with @Southkayaks_sagres marking our first Eco Land activity. Needless to say, words fail to capture the essence of this journey; you must experience it firsthand. Thanks, Fabio!

After these days, we can confidently declare that we have our first Eco Land residents. As a result, we will commence preparations for the land infrastructure and the construction of the initial houses.

For updates on our progress and to learn more about the residents of Eco Land, please follow our Instagram account @OrangeEcoLand.

Thanks to the following souls for the special contribution:

Telma Santos

Mr. Manuel



By Jovan Eco Hause -04th June 2022

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