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"Prepare for living off gird ''

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Today’s find out completely new concept for life off-gird. All you can find online about living off-gird is not exactly what you can find here. This concept makes it much easier to start a new life.

Good news!

This concept goes beyond the current boundaries and models of life as we know it. It is safe to say that we are beginning the road to the future

Jovan Eco Hause New Life this is completely new concept for life, this is some mix between off-gird and modern life.

Let’s say about ready-made recipe for prepare life to living modern off-gird. many things are similar, so I recommend reading any publications on this subject. What makes these concepts different is that, you don't have to know about many things to do by yourself. I refer you to the read HOW IT WORKS page.

Get start

1. Change your eating habits

Start looking for alternatives to ready-made food. Find recipes for quick tasty dishes just the way you like them. You can also start making your own preserves now. Use your time while you are still on girt to learn. "Poison blood"

2. Collect spices they will be needed

you can learn how to prepare some of them yourself. Prepare photos of plants that are used to make spices, see where you can find these plants in nature.

3. Buy tools

of all types. shovel, rake, ax, hammer, pincers, screwdrivers, saw, screwdriver, etc.all small tools that can be useful in a house, forest or garden

4. Prepare medicines

Medicaments one antibiotic, ointment with antibiotic for wounds, pain reliever and a first aid kit, preferably a large and small bag like a mass in the car. If necessary, you will have to dress the wounds yourself before you reach the doctor.

5. New Car

if you have a nice car, sell it and buy a large car that is adapted to the field. a good solution is to buy a motorhome, except that you can fit everything, it can be a temporary base to live in and at the beginning and then an idea to explore the area. if you don't have a lot of things to take, they should fit into this car.

Think how you arrange your home and then do you have everything to install it? buy it

6. Furniture

Under no circumstances should you bring any furniture. first, 99% of them are poisonous. second, transporting them is too expensive. See our Eco Hause Shop and choose what you would like to have at home, you can buy or order furniture with a special discount for the residents of Jovan Eco Land. Moreover, in Eco Land is an on-site workshop with equipped for everything, so you can make your own furniture with our help.

7. Water, electricity, toilet

all this is taken care of by Jovan Eco Land. What you have to do is tell us exactly what you need. We have thoroughly tested solutions and you don't have to worry about anything

Read the blog post Are you ready? here

8. Answer

If you have an answer to every question asked from Are you Ready post, now consider if you have the tools you need to do this to you love? buy them

9. You don't need any electricity-consuming devices.

everything that needs more than 800 W throw away or sell. Electric kettles, microwaves, old vacuum cleaners, etc., devices and tools for rechargeable batteries will be the best. Also gas stoves are not useful

10. televisions, game consoles, etc. trash can.

Believe you and your children will not feel like having any of these pastimes. nature offers so much that there is not enough day to explore it. It is true that you will only need a computer to access the Internet and learn.

11. Collect

tea, coffee, pasta, sugar, salt, pepper and such additives that neither you or Eco Land can’t produce, you need to have. Of course, as it says on the Where it is website, you can buy anything in your neighbourhood.

12. Skills

here you have to imagine your life surrounded by nature and answer the question of what I do not know yet. Go for it

13. Bread

You will need fresh bread daily. Best of all, if you learn how to bake bread now, it is not an easy task, but special bread baking machines and flour mixtures may help you. Find your way

14. Free time

Thing about your free time what are you want to do ? Sport ? Photography ? Biking ? etc.. take what you need

You can tell us all how you prepare? by adding new blog posts. Register as a user and let us know, we will join you to the authors of the blog.

If you know a lot on some of the topics and want to do a series of online training now? We have the option to subscribe to a part of the blog just let us know.

Good luck!

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