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The Jovan Eco Hause New Life project

By Portugal Resident - 7th April 2022

Ultimate freedom

What is ‘to be free and have no limits’? Do you often think you’d like to live a healthier life in a more beautiful place? Maybe you’re looking for an alternative or a ‘plan B’ your life. Or perhaps you are looking for a place to invest. Well, the Jovan Eco Hause New Life project is an excellent answer to all of these questions.

Orange Eco Land Portugal

Located in the Algarve, at 15 minutes from Portimão, you’ll find Orange Eco Land’s 320,000 sqm. The idea behind this project is to give people the possibility of having a modern lifestyle, but a more eco-friendly, safer and free one, without any basic costs. The Orange Eco Land offers, not only the modern Eco House, but also the complete solution in terms of food, work and even some income, which means that everyone living in Eco Land will not need to work outside it again if they don’t want to.

Eco Glass Hause

At the Jovan Eco Hause New Life project, you can buy just a piece of land to build your own home (materials and help you’ll find there), or you can opt for an Eco Glass House or EcoDrop POD that are 100% self-sufficient (living in them costs nothings), perfect for living, as a second home or holiday house, or even for holiday rentals if you want to take advantage of the tourist region it is in, and get some income with bookings. These eco-friendly homes will be ready within 6 to 11 months after being order, which is quite faster construction-wise when compared a more ‘traditional’ flat or a villa. On the other hand, prices for the Eco Glass House and EcoDrop POD are really attractive since we don’t use the standard building solutions.

Eco Glass Hause - inside

The Orange Eco Land is a really beautiful, paradise-like place, and every inhabitant can use all of its 32 ha. The land already has mature orange trees and vegetable farms where you can grow your own food. And, in the future, its touristic sport and fun area will also be available for free. Furthermore, being a community, living in the Orange Eco Land will be really safe and healthier.

So, if freedom, health, safety and the environment are concerns of yours, buy your house at the Jovan Eco Hause New Life project, and live for free.


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