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Poison blood - Entry

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

You are being poisoned silently every day, step by step. Unfortunately, this is a deliberate action on a global scale.

I invite you to read all parts of this topic, at the end you will get the exact prescription how to check if it is all true and check how poisoned you are. Everything you read here is a pure proven fact for which you will receive the evidence in the content

I am 46 years old, a man, I live in Germany

Here is my blood test done privately at the German IGL laboratory. the graphs show the level of contamination of the organism by chemicals. I emphasise that this is blood test, which means that these compounds have penetrated the body deeply.

The norm for these chemicals is "0".

None of these compounds should be in the blood at all!

If I had drunk all this cocktail at once, I would most likely have died

What exactly is mean ?

Tolerable - means that some organism can handle it

Borderline - means that the body cannot handle with more

High - means poisoning the body, which in turn leads to the disease

Very high - means serious ! poisoning of the body, which in turn leads to the disease

Division by origin

I know that now these names do not tell you anything, what is more interesting to the family doctor who took my blood, didn't know anything either. To clarify, I divided the test into categories according to the origin of the poisoning. Because I want to show you the moan, we are very poisoned, how perfidious and silent this action is, and finally make a possible diagnosis of what disease you can expect. Each category is a separate blog entry and the result of my investigation and tips on what you can do can be found in the last section

let's go
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